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 International workshop on service oriented software engineering (IW-SOSE'06)


Di Penta M., Esposito R., Villani M. L., Codato R., Colombo M. and Di Nitto E. WS Binder: a Framework to enable Dynamic Binding  of Composite Web Services, Proc. of 2006 International Workshop on Service Oriented Software Engineering, IW-SOSE '06,  ICSE 2006 workshop, 28th International Conference on Software Engineering, Shanghai, China, ACM Digital library - May 27-28, 2006

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The rapid diffusion of service-oriented systems is becoming a reality in today's software engineering. In particular, an aspect that is gathering the interest of researchers and practitioners is the possibility to create compositions of dynamically bound services. This paper describes WS Binder, a framework for enabling dynamic binding of service compositions according to some functional and non-functional preferences and/or constraints. The framework is also able to support run-time recovery actions, by performing service re-binding. The paper describes the framework's architecture and highlights its features by describing an example of its usage for the binding and re-binding of a service composition related to the tourism domain.





Software engineering practitioners and researchers continue to face huge challenges in the development, maintenance, and use of software systems. This has been even more prominent with the new paradigm of service oriented computing in which service integrators, developers, and providers need to create methods, tools, and techniques to support cost-effective development and use of dependable services and service oriented applications. From a technological point of view, recent years have seen the emergence of important standards enabling the Service Oriented vision; however, the engineering of complex and dependable service oriented software still lacks powerful, effective methods and tools. The Workshop on Service Oriented Software Engineering (IW-SOSE'06) is intended to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of a wide range of topics related to the new paradigm of service oriented software engineering. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry, and practitioners working in the areas of software system engineering and service-oriented computing to discuss existing issues, recent developments, applications, methods, techniques, experience reports, and tools to support the development and use of service oriented systems.
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