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Fifth Workshop on Business Process Modeling, Development, and Support (BPMDS'04)


Bodhuin T, Esposito R., Pacelli C. and Tortorella M., Impact Analysis for Supporting the Co-Evolution of Business Processes and Supporting Software Systems, Proc. of CAiSE'04 Workshops - 5th Workshop on Business Process Modeling, Development and Support (BPMDS 2004), Development, and Support, Riga, Latvia, June  7-8, 2004

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The co-evolution of business processes and supporting software systems is needed for keeping them aligned and it requires managerial and technological effort for adequately planning it. In fact, any modification performed in the business process activities and/or supporting software systems may impact the process activities in terms of input/output and/or purpose of the software system and, therefore, cause misalignment. A coarse grained strategy is proposed for detecting misalignment between business processes and supporting software systems when changes are executed, and for identifying which objects should be considered by additional change for restoring the alignment. The strategy proposes the exploitation of quality parameters, for codifying the alignment concept, and impact analysis techniques, for propagating the change and identifying all the process objects impacted by the change and requiring new interventions.






BPMDS series of international workshops


Business process orientation is considered to be an efficient way for companies and organizations to survive and flourish in the ever faster changing business world. The process-oriented way of working is difficult, if ever possible, to introduce without a properly designed business process support (BPS) system. This leads to a need to create and maintain the fit between the business and its BPS system, as well as between the business and its environment. Creating and maintaining such a fit is termed co-development of the business and the BPS system. It may be viewed as having two main phases, of first creating the fit and then maintaining it. The focus of the creation phase is on concurrently designing business processes and business software applications. It involves RE activities as well as development and implementation activities of both business processes and BPS systems. All the involved activities relate to business as well as to technological issues. The maintenance phase is about the parallel evolution of the business and its BPS system.

This workshop is meant as a forum for discussing issues related to creating and maintaining the fit between business processes and BPS systems. It is the fifth in a series of international workshops on business process modeling, development, and support, designed as a meeting place for both researchers and practitioners in the fields of business development, and business application software development. Some of the main topics this time are: (a) the role of models and modeling in the co-development of business processes and BPS; (b) tools, techniques, and conceptual framework for analyzing, creating and maintaining the alignment of business processes, business structure and BPS systems; (c) change and evolution management for business processes, business structure and BPS; (d) enterprise application integration (EAI) in terms of both business and IT. In addition, any other topics that concern the co-development of business processes and a BPS are of interest for discussions at this forum. The discussion will start prior to the workshop, facilitated by a mailing list and an interactive web site that were initiated as a result of the last workshop (REBPS’03). The results of the discussions will be summarized in a working document that will be produced after the workshop.

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