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 Principles of Software Evolution, 7th International Workshop on (IWPSE'04)


Kyoto, Japan September 06-September 07 


Cerulo L., Esposito R., Tortorella M. and Troiano L., Supporting Software Evolution by using Fuzzy Logic, Proc. of  International Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution (IWPSE 2004), Kyoto, Japan, IEEE Comp. Soc. Press, September 6-7, 2004

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Identifying a strategy for legacy software system evolution requires analysis and assessment activities. Information on performance and costs of software systems must be considered when making decisions on the most suitable strategy to be applied. Many approaches have been defined for supporting this task, and several authors have proposed decision frameworks for aiding the selection of evolution strategy. These approaches often lack of techniques for the management of uncertainty, traditionally considered as unscientific and as a source of errors and arising from the confidence of the answers provided by respondents. In this paper, an approach previously proposed is analyzed and extended with fuzzy logic concepts. The approach uses a measurement framework based on the Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) paradigm and a set of critiquing tables. Fuzzy logic principles have been introduced in both components, for obtaining a better insight of the analyzed software system quality and an indication of the risks to be assumed when one selected strategy is adopted instead of another.





IWPSE 2004

IWPSE is dedicated to the discussion of both the theory and the experience of software evolution and is a yearly international workshop since 1998. Software evolution, recognized as an essential aspect of software systems, has become an emerging research subject in recent years and is attracting the attention of researchers and practitioners. The intent of IWPSE is to provide a forum to discuss a wide range of topics in software evolution, to foster a better understanding of the nature of software evolution, and to accelerate research activities on the subject. Software evolution research already spans a large area: theory of software evolution, evolution of requirements and environments, evolution of architecture, software process and evolution, methodologies for evolutionary design and development, validation and verification of evolution, metrics and evaluation of evolution, configuration and change management for evolution, environments for evolutionary design, co-evolution of software and organization, and agile software development.

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